Summer flowers and bugs

Tove’s gift to me, first years flowers, gorgeous!
Blue thistle
Super striped bug on parsley
Green bug on tansy
Day lily
Wild poppy self seed
Wild poppy self seed
Poppy seed heads
Back door
Blessed Mary thistle or Milk thistle seed head.

Blue pine

On a wet day walk I came across a beautiful cone fallen from a blue pine tree, I was fascinated by the detail and colours.
It had already split in two, the inside is amazing.
The colors lovely.


After the first flurry of blossom and early spring flowers it’s been a little wet and green.

The thistle’s this year are taller than me!
I love the soft sage green of the somewhat prickly leaves.
Lots of paths leading to secret places.
I wanted to do something with the triangle field that was good for me and for the wildlife too, a meadow maze!
I have cut the grass into a spiral leaving a lot of area for wild flowers, it is good to have the cut areas as it aids small animal and insects to feed easily, the long grass is close by so they can use it for shelter from predators.
I am hoping to see a lot of wild flowers too. I will have to cut it once during the season and then again just before the winter.
It is also a lot of fun.
The lawn is slowly recovering from the upheaval last year when the ground heating system was installed.

Helpful kitty

Slim just loves to help with the laundry
Guarding the pegs
Passing Moøm a peg
Or tasting the peg
Wooden ones taste better
Checking the basket
Hiding the pegs
All that work makes for a sleepy kitty

Painting the outbuildings

I cleaned all the window sills, one day I would like to replace the windows with traditional ones.
This was once a dairy farm and these are the barns, dairy and byres.
I have still to paint the gable end all of the back and the long barn!
I am so happy to get this much done.


I spent one afternoon making soap, 4 different kinds, when they have done their first 2 days curing I cut them up and then leave then to cure for a further month before I can use it, most of it I will send to my children , (it’s why I first started making soap, when William was a baby he had the worst eczema, I didn’t want to use the harsh detergent soaps on his skin so did some research and found I could make my own extra mild soap especially for baby’s, and have been making soap for the family ever since.
The house smells delicious a mix of all the essential oils I used in them.
I don’t use any colours in the soap, the colours come from the ingredients I use, in this case the lavender turns into a spicy cake!
Flecks of lightly ground lavender.
Chamomile cake!
The darker blobs are the flower heads and the flecks the petals.
Calendula, marigold petals barley change to soap colour but is one of my favourites.
The green in this wonder soap is from liquidised nettles, it’s a fabulous soap packed full of tea tree and eucalyptus essential oils.