My Dear Jane journey.

I have always wanted to learn how to patchwork and quilt, but never found a group to work with.  Finally, I got the chance when I moved with Peter to Saudi Arabia in September 2009.  As soon as I arrived,  I joined the Dhahran Oasis Quilt Group. Little did I know how blessed I would be to learn how to quilt with the most talented quilters. Their kindness in sharing with me their years of  patchwork and quilting was amazing.  They taught me the hard way, in at the deep end with no short cuts and, boy, it was difficult but lots of fun. In January 2010, Abby (President of the quilt group) started a Dear Jane program and I (in my ignorance) joined.  We decided to make a complete Dear Jane for Peter in traditional 1860s fabric – true to the original, each bock is a different fabric (actually, in the original, two blocks used the same fabric). I’ve been stitching away at it ever since and I’ve just completed all of the blocks. I am keeping all of my earlier blocks in the quilt, even if they are a little wonky or not quilt the right size – they are part of my journey.

So, now comes the task of adding the sashing and piecing it all together.

Actually, I have another Dear Jane quilt on the go – for me in 1930s fabric, so it will be a never ending Dear Jane Journey!

IMG_3632 IMG_3626 IMG_3633 IMG_3637

SAM_2870 SAM_2874 SAM_2872 SAM_2871 SAM_2875 SAM_2876 SAM_2877SAM_2878 SAM_2879 SAM_2881 SAM_2882 SAM_2883 SAM_2884SAM_2885 SAM_2886 SAM_2892SAM_2893SAM_2894SAM_2895SAM_2896 SAM_2888 SAM_2889 SAM_2890 SAM_2891

IMG_2327 IMG_2434 IMG_2521 IMG_2717 IMG_2855 IMG_2823 IMG_2735

IMG_3389 IMG_3388

SAM_2338 IMG_3028 IMG_2521 IMG_3021 IMG_3025 IMG_3023

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