Aaah… the joys of Country Living

This week it rained at last.  We haven’t had rain for over a month and garden was looking very dry.  I had to water everything with a watering can from the kitchen tap – time consuming and hard work.  The rain came down steadily for a few hours, just enough to fill up our water butts quickly.  One of them wasn’t connected to a downpipe (it’s intended for the tumbledown outbuilding we have), so Peter and I filled it with buckets from the other tanks.  Boy, did we get wet!.  But, even if it doesn’t rain for another month, watering the garden will be a lot easier.

?????????? water buts.

Peter finished renovating his water pumps – one from Denmark, one from the UK, plus the antique firemans bucket pump we bought some months ago.  Unfortunately, our well (where the red pump is) appears to be full of sand, so neither of the pumps draw water.  Still, with all the herbs I planted, the front of the milking shed looks lovely now.


The kitties had the right idea when it started to rain, they all came in, some wetter than others, and fell asleep after a light lunch.  I even had to light the log burning stove to dry them off and keep them warm.

Toots Asleep as UsualDSCN3303




Two days ago, they ploughed the fields around us.  That was fine, but then they carted loads of cow dung to envigorate the soil, and that was fine, too, just a bit smelly for a while.  Then the flies came… droves!  I had to shut up the house, made sure that the kitties were in the studio and gave the house a good spray with fly spray.  Peter bought an Ultra Violet light trap, but that doesn’t seem to do any good (it just traps moths), but the number of flies seems to have reduced today, so hopefully we can get back to normal.  Aaaah, the joys of country living, but I wouldn’t miss it for anything.


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