Amazingly talented friends


Meet my friends Julia and Ethel.










Julia is a brilliant seamstress, look what she has run up for Halloween.

image1 image2 IMG_1976











We both bought this same fabric a couple of years ago when I lived in Saudi Arabia, mine is still sitting in my to do drawer along with the pattern, Julia still lives in Saudi and she made this dress for a Halloween Ball she attended, I think this is the most beautiful and stylish Halloween costume I have ever seen!

While on the Halloween subject, my friend Ethel, who also lives in Saudi Arabia, pieced and quilted this fantastic Halloween quilt for her grand-daughter Izzy. Ethel and I learned to quilt together in 2010 and have been quilting buddies ever since.

HalloweenEthel is an amazing stitcher and a freelance longarm quilter, she quilts many quilts for the ladies of Saudi Arabia, in between quilting everybody’s quilts she even has time to do some for herself, aren’t they great!

photo (1) photo (2) photo


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