Hobbs Portrait

Don’t mess with me!



Hobbs on a quilt.







Hobbs is a rather unusual looking cat, no mistake about that.  One of Isis’s four kittens, he was the smallest and weakest of her litter.  However, he was the first kitten to take to solid food – fish mashed up with milk in a bowl.  His first food bowl was bigger than he was, and he made such a mess by paddling in it!


Baby Hobbs in a bowl.


Hobbs in the bowl again.








Lost looking Hobbs.

The Vets in Saudi Arabia nicknamed him “ET” and we think that’s rather unfair.  His big eyes and short nose do give him a dreamy and grumpy look, but he’s really quite bright and very happy at home.  The only time he gets bad tempered is if you try to take a photograph of him – then he growls, as you can see in these photos.
He even growls when we’re taking photos of the house or the other kitties, nowhere near him – in fact, just getting the camera out of its case makes him grumpy.  For a while, he was OK with the iPad and iPhone taking photos, but now he’s twigged that these are cameras, too. Maybe there is such a thing as “cameraphobia”?  I must go on-line and look!


You have a camera!



I hate cameras.


Cat on a hot tin roof.







Hobbs NEVER condescends to eat processed cat food: it must be beneath him.  Instead, he will eat only chicken, and it has to be the right sort of chicken.  His favourite is plain roasted chicken – no BBQ sauce, onions, herbs or garlic.  In Saudi Arabia, we used to get them spit roasted from the Commissary and he would be happy with these.  Now, we tend to roast a couple of chickens in our small oven and cut them up into smaller bags for the freezer.  At a pinch he will eat them defrosted, but they have to be microwaved for 15 seconds (not 10 or 20 seconds) to freshen them up.  And each bowl has to have some chicken bones in it, or he won’t touch it.

Hobbs won’t eat from the bowl like all our other cats, either: he grabs a mouthful of chicken and rushes off with it to one of his hidey holes around the house.  I’m constantly brushing up dried chicken bones from behing the chairs!  His most recent trick is that he likes to choose the colour of his bowl – he has red, blue and grey ones, so we give him the choice.  He clearly tells us which one to use by head butting the one he wants.


Baby Hobbs asleep.


Four sleepy kittens.








Hobbs in Fluff’s tail.


Just Hobbs.


Am I the wrong size for this basket?


Finally got to sleep.










Hobbs has recently taken to exploring the attic of our thatched house.  There is a small gap in the hallway roof and he can just squeeze in there.  We often hear him padding up and down and sometimes he will yowl when he thinks that he can’t get out.  All the dust in the attic makes his big eyes go watery, so we’re going to block up the entry to attic right now. Poor Hobbs will have something else to gurn about then.




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