Dear Jane quilt top finished!

There are 169 x 4.5″ inner blocks, pieced, paper pieced and appliqued, 52 border triangle blocks, pieced, paper pieced and appliqued, 52 border triangles, plain, 4 corner block, one pieced, two paper piece and one appliqued. Approx. 5602 pieces in all.


Baby Jane


Baby Jane






In 2010, Abby the then president of the quilt group in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, DOQG, started a Dear Jane program, I joined in for fun and to give it a go, truthfully, at the time I did not think I would be able to make all of the blocks as they looked kind of complicated, but slowly as I stitched up the blocks my confidence grew, I learned from other members of the group how to applique, paper piece and to precision piece, what generous ladies to share all this knowledge with me.


Baby Jane, the washing line was not high enough to hang the quilt with out it getting dirty.


Too big for the washing line.






The fabrics I used in the quilt were a mix of scraps, some bought and my favourite is the fabric given to me by friends who knew I was working on the quilt who very kindly found and gave me fabric they knew would be perfect for the quilt, these blocks stand out and remind me how lucky I am to know them, ladies from all over the world!


Border triangles


Border triangles, pieced and plain.






Next year I will have a go at quilting it, I don’t know where to start and will have to do a bit of research before I start, then finish it with a scalloped outer border.


Some inner blocks, 4.5″ finished.


Some inner blocks, 4.5″ finished.






The quilt turned out to be about 80″ x 80″, thereabouts.


Corner triangle block.


Corner applique block.


Corner block, paper pieced.


Corner block, paper pieced and applique.


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