On Tuesday I came down with a very nasty bug, I felt so bad I took to my bed for a couple of days. Today I feel so much better and felt I needed a walk outside, for a few days it was -10C and was white with thick snow. Yesterday our pipes froze solid, we had no water and although I tried to thaw it out with a heater it was not working. Our neighbour heard that we were frozen – they turned up with all the defrosting equipment needed and had the pipes thawed out in 15 minutes! I was very touched by their generosity, it was so kind of them.

SAM_3267 SAM_3307

Anyway back to my walk outside, this morning the snow was gone replaced by sunshine, snowdrops, catkins and kitties. Maybe spring is around the corner, just maybe…………….

SAM_3387 SAM_3390 SAM_3391 SAM_3397

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