Purple Month

The nice thing about unpacking is that every now and then you come across something that transports you back in time. Wanda (an amazing quilter) gave me a fantastic bundle of fabric, a mix of fat quarters, strips, large scrap pieces and some yardage. I was so thrilled by her generosity that I wanted to make something special and made a pineapple using the “Quilt in a Day” method.

SAM_3445 SAM_3448

I thought it would be easy enough to take a couple of photos to show you. I first hung it on the washing line using the extra strong pegs I bought last summer in Copenhagen with Julia, but as soon as I got the camera out, up came the wind and blew it all over the place, eventually the wind died down and I got some photos.

I decided to take a couple on the giant rock in the garden, suddenly out of nowhere Pepper and Fluff jumped on and under – look to the right of the quilt in the first photo and you will see Hobb’s tail, too!!

SAM_3460 SAM_3469

Purple seemed to be the colour of the month – look at Julia’s wonderful sewing skills.

Julia was given a bundle of purple silk, and rather than make something for herself with it, she made this wonderful dress for our friend Ethel’s granddaughter Izzy.


She added lace to the waistband and beads to the neckline and lots of organza layers.

image5 image7

She also made a little matching bag and a hair flower, wow!

image2 image4

Ethel told me Izzy wore the dress all the time over Christmas and had this wonderful photo taken with Santa.


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