Postage Stamp Quilt

SAM_3591 SAM_3605

I quilted a postage stamp quilt I finished a little while ago, the stamps are 1″ finished and are set on point, just to make it difficult for myself, when I get these ideas I forget I have to quilt the thing. I quilted it using Hobbs heritage blend, I have not used it before and it gave the quilt a bubblier look than I was hoping for, I quilted a small to medium meander in a blue thread to match the blue in the backing which is mainly brown paisley. I used the backing for the binding too, Peter brought it back from a trip to Kuwait a couple of months ago, I am very lucky Peter is happy to have a look around the souks when he is away to find me fabric. As usual as soon as I put the quilt on the washing line up came the wind.

SAM_3598 SAM_3600

There are approximately 6000 pieces in it, no way are they all different, surely no one has a stash that big.

SAM_3615 SAM_3617

Fluff and Pepper had to get in on the act while I was taking the photos but soon got bored with it.

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