I’ve been going full tilt with the gardening, since the weather has been dry, warm and bright. The ride-on mower is out of action (gone for its annual service) so I took on the task of mowing all the grass around the farm using the small push along mower.  The good thing was that it picked up the grass too, so it’s been good for mulch and compost. Actually, it’s not been as difficult as it might seem, because with the non-stop daily sunshine, I was able to do just a little every day.

SAM_3898 SAM_3899

Peter and I planted a row of raspberries, two Victoria plum trees, a cherry tree, a blackberry bush and a tayberry bush.  Plus the potatoes, onions and seedlings that need to be attended to. Thankfully Peter is helping me with the daily round of watering and the garden is beginning to look really good.

SAM_3915 SAM_3916

The flower border is slowly beginning to fill up: I have a lot of seedlings in the cold frame which will soon be able to be planted. I’m going to fill up the rest with annuals and continue to sow perennial seeds for next year. There are some lovely patches of buttercups that I have left in the lawn as they are far too beautiful to mow.

SAM_3900 SAM_3908

I’ve been spring cleaning the house and with the lovely weather, I’ve been able to wash all the kitty quilts and one that I have been using as a curtain.  It was lovely to see them drying on the washing line – I think there is nothing nicer than a basket full of line dried washing.

SAM_3913 SAM_3918

Finally, with the sun, came the blossom.  We have lots of flowering trees right now and it feels like it’s snowing petals.  Our trees just ooze with white flowers, especially the big one that we cut the dead wood out of recently, a smaller one around by the old barn and one at the far end of my studio block.

SAM_3877 SAM_3881 SAM_3883 SAM_3886 SAM_3895 SAM_3904

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