We needed a tablecloth for the big garden table Peter made for us last year.

IMG_1005 IMG_0989

I thought that I would have a lot of fun making it, so I tipped out my jars of scrap squares. I started by sewing together 6.5″ squares into 4 patches to make 12″ finished blocks.  I put them all onto the design wall and arranged them in a random pattern. Next, I sewed 3.5″ squares into 6″ finished blocks and then 2.5″ squares into 9 patches, cutting them down to 6″ finished blocks. I spent a couple of hours arranging and rearranging the blocks into a design I thought was pretty.


After stitching the blocks together I checked it for size on the table but it was too small, so I made a bundle more 6″ blocks out of the 3.5″ squares and attached them to either end of the table cloth.

IMG_1001 IMG_1002

I chose a thin ploy/cotton batting and some soft Indian cotton for the backing and quilted it in random rows, infilling them with feathers, bubbles, swirls, loops etc., just to give a lot of variety (and practice for me with my machine quilting).


I’m pleased with the result – it was great fun to make and will get lots of use when we sit out in the sun.  And, if it gets cold out there in the garden I can always wrap up in it!


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