Small quilt swap.

I’m a member of a Kathleen Tracy’s Small Quilt Group. She has a super blog all about small quilts, A Sentimental Quilter and a great group on Facebook. Earlier this year, I joined their 2015 small quilt swap, where we each get a partner from somewhere in the world and we make a small quilt and send it to each other. I’ve never done this before and was nervous of making a quilt for a quilter!

My swap partner is Didi from Los Angeles and she’s clearly a fantastic quilter. Here is the quilt she sent to me, I just love it.


Its so beautifully hand appliqued and quilted with a perfect meander: I love applique quilts so it is just right for me.

Here is the quilt I made for Didi – I hope that she likes it!


I did a paper pieced quilt with a Christmas theme, I know Christmas is a long way off but I really wanted to use the red and green fabrics.  Here are the two quilts together.


Didi’s quilt is 36″ square and mine is 24″ square.

I really enjoyed doing this swap and hope Didi likes the quilt I made for her as much as I love the quilt she made for me!

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