a Japanese Garden

A friend, Tove, took me to see a beautiful Japanese garden not far from where we live. It was packed full of lovely plants, most of which were really unusual. Not surprisingly, I came away with trays of super new plants which I have already planted. As you can see in the photographs many of the plants are trimmed, even the trees over 12′ high! There are literally 1000’s of plants, with a pond and summerhouse in this garden which is no bigger than the average cottage garden.

SAM_4163 SAM_4164 SAM_4165 SAM_4166 SAM_4167 SAM_4171 SAM_4172 SAM_4176 SAM_4177 SAM_4178 SAM_4179 SAM_4180

There was a lovely church next door so had a wander round that too.

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