reversable organic cotton baby quilt

I was given a bundle of beautiful organic cotton to make a baby quilt for Maria’s shop in Grenaa.

AUGUST 15 022 AUGUST 15 008

I decided to use up as much of the fabric as possible with very little waste so made it a reversible quilt.

AUGUST 15 013 AUGUST 15 015

The fabric was lovely to work with, so soft.

AUGUST 15 009 AUGUST 15 017 AUGUST 15 021 AUGUST 15 010

Maria asked me to do it totally freehand quilting so that anyone could do it on their domestic machine. I turned off the stitch regulator and had some fun with straight (ish) lines. It was really scary but a lot of fun to have to regulate my stitches myself. Somehow the automatic stitch regulator doesn’t work well with straight line quilting although it loves curves.

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