Dear Jane, again!

Dear Jane 2 074

I’ve been very busy in the garden and painting the house so have not had much time for sewing. I had started doing Dear Jane blocks using 1930’s fabric at the same time as I started the traditional one. I only did a few of these blocks as it was difficult to get 30’s fabric in Saudi and I never got back to it. I found being so busy that doing one or two of these little blocks when I had a bit of spare time was a fun and relaxing thing to do.

Dear Jane 2 021 Dear Jane 2 020

Dear Jane 2 018 Dear Jane 2 014

I have done rows A to D, I had a couple of blocks already made for each row.

Dear Jane 2 030 Dear Jane 2 031Dear Jane 2 038 Dear Jane 2 039

I did not notice until after I made the red block above that I had already made it, the red block is straighter but the pink block is more 30’s.

Dear Jane 2 052 Dear Jane 2 053Dear Jane 2 058 Dear Jane 2 073

Although I found that the blocks I had previously made were all the easy ones!

Dear Jane 2 066 Dear Jane 2 065Dear Jane 2 062 Dear Jane 2 063

I also have done a few of the top row triangles.

Dear Jane 2 086 Dear Jane 2 087 Dear Jane 2 075

And found some I had already made.

Dear Jane 2 077 Dear Jane 2 078 Dear Jane 2 079

I also did a few of the plain triangles when there was no time for anything else.

Dear Jane 2 076

I found I had done two of the corner block as well.

Dear Jane 2 089 Dear Jane 2 088

2 thoughts on “Dear Jane, again!

    • Oh, I was so thrilled wen I found the corner blocks. I have not checked to see how many of the other rows have been done, I am giving myself a surprise with each row I do. I am kinda looking forward to winter and long days of sewing! Remind me I said that when I am moaning about the dark winter! LOL!

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