Traef Danish Quilt Show 2015


I spent all day last Saturday at the biggest Danish quilt show – in Roskilde (just outside Copenhagen).  I got there early but it was already very busy, as you can see.  Bus loads of quilters came from all over Denmark and from Sweden and Germany as well.  Everyone was so friendly, enthusiastic and helpful, I had an amazing day out, just sore feet.  I met some lovely quilters and we’ve already arranged to meet up and quilt together.  Also, there was a huge range of Danish quilting suppliers and shops (it was really nice to find them) and they seem to have done great business at the show – all the stands were packed all day.  From what I hear, Sunday was as busy as Saturday and it’s certainly and event I will be going to next year, displaying my quilts and hopefully with a sales booth of my own! I have to say a huge “thank you” to Maria who took the time and trouble to show me around and introduce me to many wonderful quilters and shops.

SAM_4232 SAM_4231

There were many wonderful quilts on display and I got some fresh new ideas for my own quilts over the winter.  Danish quilting is certainly very different to the way I’ve been trained – much more colour, artistry, freedom and vibrancy, less focus on the traditional blocks.  An eye opener for me, to be sure.


SAM_4244 SAM_4245

I thought these mini quilts were lovely – so precise.

SAM_4257 SAM_4256

And these art quilts were really stunning.



And how about these quilts for fun?

SAM_4255 SAM_4208

SAM_4212 SAM_4228

And what about these for amazing hand piecing?

SAM_4222 SAM_4224 SAM_4226 SAM_4227

An art quilt – something fishy.

SAM_4241 SAM_4242 SAM_4243

And something musical.

SAM_4249 SAM_4250

SAM_4218 SAM_4220

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