Susan’s fabric and the modern quilt challenge

Our small modern quilt group challenged us to make a modern quilt using different fabrics than we were used to using. My sister Susan gave me a bundle of solid fabrics so thought that I would use them to tackle this challenge.

10.10.15 01210.10.15 009

I could not resist throwing in a printed fabric. I think if I had put another piece of the orange fabric on the other side of the quilt somewhere it would balanced it better, as it is it looks to me a bit unbalanced. No matter, its very soft and I am happy to have had a go at this kind of patchwork, I am thinking of doing another one soon.

10.10.15 030 10.10.15 014

I quilted whole quilt with loads of different fun designs framed to look like layers and as it is nearly Halloween I quilted a spider web or two.

10.10.15 016 10.10.15 018

I put a nice big bright star on the back to make the quilt reversible so you can use it anyway you like depending on your mood. I really like the blues they are so cheerful.

10.10.15 038 10.10.15 036 10.10.15 031

I had a lot of fun quilting this, mostly I made it up as I went along.

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