My little helper!

Toots is always with me when I work in the studio, today after I loaded my Christmas quilt onto the frame Toots jumped up and made herself comfortable on top of the machine!

22.11.15 082 22.11.15 083 22.11.15 084

She stayed there while I filled the bobbins and threaded the machine, in the end I had to lift her off, I always switch on my machine a good 15 min’s before I start quilting as I find it runs better if I do so it must get warm there with the lights on.

Here is some of the quilting I did once Toots was settled in her own little basket.

22.11.15 088 22.11.15 085 22.11.15 086 22.11.15 087

I have not finished the quilt yet, it is made from a layer cake that my good friend Ethel from Saudi Arabia sent to me a few months ago. I made it into a Christmas quilt and want to get it finished before then. I used red thread and a pantograph with leaves and flowers that I think look a bit like those red Christmas flowers you get at that time, the name eludes me at the moment.

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