Snow, ice and the Christmas full moon.

TEA 042

My son Alan took this super photo of the Christmas full moon.

We have had snow one day then none the next, then more snow and the wind blows it all away again and before you know it the snow is back again.

I went for a walk around the fields, none of the kitties came with me, sensible cats stayed in by the fire. I came across a stack of bales that looked to me like a big snow wave.


The around the place tubs and barrels freeze, thaws a little then freezes again leaving lots of bubbles in the ice and strange holes.

I am feeding the birds twice a day while it is so cold outside, I have three places I feed them, I put them in places it is difficult for the cats to stalk them with out being seen, so far they have not got any, I fill the bird feeders when the cats are snuggled by the fire so it gives the birds a chance to feed in peace. This one is outside my new office window.


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