January went by in a flash!

 We are well into February and I am still wondering where January went! I have been busy sewing pillows and quilts. Two space pillows and a flower pillow for our friend Tina’s great kids.

Horus braved the snow, Poppet did not like it to much at first and Toots has really got the hang of her little door and can even push the wee quilted curtain aside to get out, none of the other cats like it or use it.

Now the snow had gone it is beginning to look like spring might not be too far away. One problem with that is that I now have no excuse to start digging the vegetable garden!

Looks like the kitties are making off with my thread!

The snowdrops are out at last, Lizzie in the Highlands of Scotland’s snowdrops have been out for sometime now and when I look back on Facebook last year they were out here weeks ago, its been a cold few weeks.

There are even a few shoots in the flower garden.

As the spring is in the air I recovered my ironing boards with some lovely floral fabric and they now match my scissors!

I  have been getting a lot of lovely sunsets too, until next time have a great day!

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