My Mum’s 80 this year!

spring 185

My Mum’s 80 years old this year! Wow!

I was wondering how I could put her life in a quilt when I saw a pattern for a quilt called Farm Girl Vintage, my Mum is the original Vintage Farm Girl so had to make my version of it for her.

spring 133

 I made a few changes to the quilt to make it hers.

spring 134

Here are all the blocks.

I have started piecing the back so that the quilt will be reversible but I’m not sure how it will finish up yet.

I have at the same time made one similar for me here are a few photos, I used the discarded blocks from mums!

I have made mine a little bigger to see what that would be like and I’m using bigger half square triangles in the border, I’m not sure what colour the outer border should be.

My Mum only reads my blog once a year when I send it to her in book form so her birthday will be past by the time she reads this.

2 thoughts on “My Mum’s 80 this year!

  1. Your quilts are really wonderful! I am making the Farm Girl Vintage quilt for my 3-year-old granddaughter, using the 12″ blocks. She is crazy about owls and when I saw your owl block, I have to ask if you would be willing to share the dimensions of your design so I can try to make one for her quilt. I’m pretty sure it will be her very favorite block.

    • HI, I love the owl block too, unfortunately its not my block to give out so I am giving you the details of where I got it, it has a 6″ and 12″ version and does not cost a lot. “Cute owl quilt block” from Homespun Handmaiden at and here is her email address too, I hope this is helpful to you, good luck with the quilt. Thanks for visiting, best wishes, Brenda.

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