A new batch of soap.


Olive oil, nettles. tea-tree and rosemary.

I used 3 cups of fresh chopped nettles for this soap, picked with gloves on!

Being an olive oil soap it took ages to trace ( combine all the oils and lye) and was worried it would not set  but it did so I am a happy camper as the large amounts of tea-tree and rosemary essential oils in it make it a very expensive soap but a luxury worth investing in as the soap is great for all types of skin, lathers well and keeps its wonderful smell after its been dry for months.


Marigold and Chamomile.


Fresh Chamomile and marigold flowers from the garden and coconut oil soap.

I coloured this soap with a little of the spice turmeric, another favorite soap of mine, it lathers very well and is lovely and mild.


Lastly I used the left over oils from the above two soaps to make this rose soap.


When I added the rose petals to the lye they all turned a light brown, rather than waste the petals I carried on with the soap. I scented the soap with a rose fragrance oil as this soap is for keeping at the kitchen and utility sinks.


I am pleased with the colour it turned out to be in the end and cut it into big chunky bars easy to get a hold of with dirty hands.

Hopefully this batch should keep us going for a long time.

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