Mum’s 80th birthday quilt.


This represents Mum’s Fergie tractor which she still uses to bring back logs from her woods! She keeps an old tin can on the exhaust to keep the rain out and make it easier to start.


This is her wee house, its really a bit bigger but this is the front, the IRM stands for Iain Ross Moodie, her youngest son who has bought this house and woods for her so she could retire without worry.

Two of her happy cows, Daisy and Pearl who she lovenly looked after when she ran our dairy farm when we were children.


High Hopes the ram she kept on the farm so that she knew when to send for the AI man!



The chickens she kept so she could bake us cakes and scones.


To eat with the raspberry jam she made from the raspberries she grew in the garden.


That Meesh Meesh the cat slept.


Of the endless washing she did that used to blow in the wind on her washing line on the top of the hill.


And later the pumkins she grew with her grandchildren. When we were young we grew turnips and carved them for Halloween!


Her love of owls.


And finally for her love of Scotland, her home.




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