Lavender and Luffa’s

A giant bar of Lavender and Coconut Oil Soap


Peter harvested loads of lavender while it was in bloom and dried it for me so I have lots of it to add to soap to give it a bit of texture.


The soap turned out just as I hoped, you can never really tell how the dried flowers will react to the lye but I was very happy with this soap, nice and white with just enough flecks of lavender to add interest. I also added a couple of big tablespoons of Lavender Essential oil so it smells good too.

Luffa Soap!

A wanted to add a scrubbing element to a soap , something for the shower after a mucky day in the garden.


I also added lots of dried calendula, saffron and some spice to give it a bit of colour. The saffron dyed some of the luffas pink!


I sliced up a luffa, put them on the bottom od a big plastic tub and poured the soap on top. I poured too much soap in, it would have been better if I had added less so that the luffa’s really stood out, I may trim the soap and rebatch the trimming. But the luffa stood up to the lye without discolouration which was my big worry.

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