Mini Polytunnel


I needed exta greenhouse space but could not afford a new big polytunnel and saw this one on Ebay, its 6 mtrs x 3 mtrs and it was half price with minamal shipping from the UK, it arrived 3 days after the order was placed!


I added extra posts to make sure it does not blow away with the high winds we get here and dug over the middle before I put the plactic cover on as it was easier to throw the turfs out the sides as I wanted to use them to secure the plastic cover later.

It was nice to see all the lovely snowdrops while I worked.


Once it was all dug and prepared I just popped the top on it was as easy as that! It has lots of velcro ties to secure it to the frame and I dug in the bottom flap to the soil for extra strengh.


I am very pleased with the result, its full of my summer flower seedlings at the moment. The cover in a green mesh covered with plastic that my sister says ends up a mass of holes in a few years but you can buy replacement covers for very little money from the company so I am not worried about that.

2 thoughts on “Mini Polytunnel

  1. Argh, I should be out there preparing the ground but I am in here watching the box! Well done on the poly tunnel xxx

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