Lizzie’s visit

My  dear friend Lizzie came to stay for a few days, I had plans to take her sighseeing all over the place but as soon as Lizzie arrived at the cottage she said I think I would just rather stay here so thats just what we did, the weather was fantastic and we spent the days, sewing, eating and relaxing, it was a super super time.


Lizzie is an great artist so she spent time sketching the flowers and cottage. On the chair are some of the wall hannings we worked on. Lizzie is a wonderful story teller of traditional Scottich tales.…/lizzie-mcdougall.


I did take her to Ronde to see an open air theatre I thought she would be interested in, she works a lot with the Highland Shakespeare Company


We also went to see some barrows, burial mounds and a long barrow.



I had such a lovely time with Lizzie I was really sad to see her leave, I hope she comes again soon.

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