I spent one afternoon making soap, 4 different kinds, when they have done their first 2 days curing I cut them up and then leave then to cure for a further month before I can use it, most of it I will send to my children , (it’s why I first started making soap, when William was a baby he had the worst eczema, I didn’t want to use the harsh detergent soaps on his skin so did some research and found I could make my own extra mild soap especially for baby’s, and have been making soap for the family ever since.
The house smells delicious a mix of all the essential oils I used in them.
I don’t use any colours in the soap, the colours come from the ingredients I use, in this case the lavender turns into a spicy cake!
Flecks of lightly ground lavender.
Chamomile cake!
The darker blobs are the flower heads and the flecks the petals.
Calendula, marigold petals barley change to soap colour but is one of my favourites.
The green in this wonder soap is from liquidised nettles, it’s a fabulous soap packed full of tea tree and eucalyptus essential oils.

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