Dear Jane

Last week I spent two days working on my Dear Jane quilt borders.

I felt that, as I was getting closer to finishing the inner blocks, I would try and complete the border blocks so that it was not so overwhelming when it came to completing the quilt.  I’ve managed to complete the top row, the right side row and four of the bottom row.  I’m very pleased with my progress but I can’t say it was easy: some of those blocks make no sense at all and I have had to have a few goes at some of them!  I’m using a Dear Jane PC program and sometimes it has no block pattern for you to follow.  One of them was only half a block and I had to figure out the rest of it for myself.  It’s not so hard, but it is time consuming, having to check around for ideas as to how to complete the block.

SAM_2338 DJ

Next week I’m going to have another go at finishing all the border blocks.  Luckily I’m going to Copenhagen, fabric shopping with my pal this week-end, as I’m running out of suitable fabric.  This quilt is for my husband, Peter, and he would like each block made from different fabric in 19th Century style fabric, just like the original (which only had two blocks made with the same fabric).  I’m making another Dear Jane for myself in 1930’s fabrics, but this has taken a back seat to Peter’s quilt, so look out for it next year!

2 thoughts on “Dear Jane

  1. Looks great Brenda, I can’t wait to see it finished. I’ve just had five lovely days in Abu Dhabi so now it’s time to get back to getting some quilts finished.

    • Abu Dhabi is lovely is’nt it, I hope you had a super time. Are you going to start anything new, do send me photos as I want to start a page on the blog for friends work. Brenda xox

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