Wonderful Copenhagen

I’ve just returned from 4 days in Copenhagen with my pal Julia who flew all the way from Saudi Arabia to meet up with me!  How cool is that!  And the first thing she says “lets go on a hands on sailing trip!”  Here she is looking great and full of energy after very few hours sleep.  We had to do a lot of the hard work ourselves – hoisting sails and so forth and it was great fun.  In truth, it was more of a “drift” than a “sail” as there was so little wind, we had to use the engine to get around!  Definitely well worth doing.

SAM_2342 SAM_2344 SAM_2345 SAM_2346 SAM_2354 SAM_2361 sailing

We spent all afternoon and evening at Tivoli, having a great time looking at the gardens and enjoying some lovely food, especially the fabulous Danish open sandwiches and ice cream.

SAM_2400 SAM_2405 SAM_2416 SAM_2415 SAM_2417 SAM_2431 SAM_2418 Tivoli

As you might expect, the rest of the time we were chatting about quilting, sewing and going back over old times when we were together in Dhahran.  And, of course, we were out in town shopping for fabric.  I bought some super patterns and a bit of fabric, and a few odds and ends for the house and studio.  I managed to get something for Peter, who looked after the house full of cats, the garden, the housework and all his DIY all on his own, so he didn’t feel too neglected.  It was a really neat cucumber slicer (it cuts the cucumber into a long spiral, great for salads.

Now, sadly, Julie has had to go back to Saudi, but I’m making plans for our next get together, when more of the quilting group from Dhahran can get together for a reunion. I made Julia a quilt to take home with her and she gave me a terrific bag that she’d made, so I have that to remember a smashing break in the sun.

SAM_2438 bag

One thought on “Wonderful Copenhagen

  1. Wonderful photos Brenda and a great reminder of four very happy days together! There will be many more get togethers in the future insha’allah…….. x

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