Woodland Clear Up

Over the past couple of week ends we’ve been working at clearing up our bit of woodland, making paths and cutting down dead trees.  Some of the fallen and half fallen trees were too big for us to handle so we got in a local tree surgeon to take them down and cut them into logs for our wood burner.  Now all we have to do is collect the logs and split them (a job for Peter with an axe, wedges and a sledgehammer over the next few weeks).  The wood certainly looks in better heart now and hopefully we’ll have a nice canopy with a healthy understorey.  We can now see that we have a really nice mixture of many different trees including oak, ash, elm, birch, beech, lime, sycamore, spruce, Scots pine, hazel, apple, willow and larch.  You name it, we seem to have it!  The kitties all seem to like what we’ve done and it makes our daily woodland walks much nicer. IMG_3263 IMG_3238 work on woodIMG_3276


Unfortunately, I used the lawnmower to pick up the logs and broke it, OOPS, Peter is away so I have had to just leave it where it was. I am in trouble when Peter gets back!!!

SAM_2450 SAM_2452 SAM_2455 logs

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