quilting on the square BOM progress

I’ve been doing “Quilting on the Square” free BOM, and I’ve completed the first 4 months.

Here is a link to their site. http://www.quiltingonthesquare.com.

These are 4″ finished Paper Pieced blocks, with a great mix, some a tad more challenging than others (which are pretty easy), all do-able! When completed, there will be about 72 blocks – more than enough for a good sized quilt. I started doing them to practice my paper piecing but have become hooked.  If you sign up for their newsletter you will get six blocks sent into your email once a month, the instructions are super easy to follow and with only six to do at once they are not overwhelming at all.

I chose this colour scheme because Peter challenged me to do a green quilt, I picked up most of this fabric in Saudi Arabia when I lived there, a bundle of fat quarters and added some more brown, black and grey.


SAM_2460 SAM_2461

SAM_2462 SAM_2463 bom SAM_2467 SAM_2466 SAM_2465


Hobbs was not happy about me taking photos, he really gets grumpy when a camera comes out! I thought at first he did not like the flash, but I rarely use the flash now and he still gets grumpy but he’s so nosey that he still wants to know whats going on.

Lucky for me that the tractor (see my last post) was a simple fix (a drive belt had slipped off in the wet), but Peter broke the mower bed and that turbed out to be more of a problem as an important casting had broken and the agricultural mechanics need to order another one and do a temporary repair until it arrives all the way from the USA.

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