Six Dinner Sid.

Sid, our white cat, went missing for 4 days recently.  It was most unlike him as he always comes home for supper regular as clockwork.  We were very worried about him but he came back early one morning, as dry as a bone, very clean and fit, just very hungry. We have no idea where he went but he was clearly not living rough!  Maybe he found someone else to give him supper (he’s called Sid after “six dinner Sid” because he was a stray in Saudi Arabia, visiting many houses to get fed, before he decided to stay with us) and he forgot to come home.  Now he stays out late most nights, coming home around midnight, so he’s confined to barracks for the rest of this week until he gets back to normal. Perhaps it’s that time of year, but I thought that was in the Spring?

?????????? ?????????? ??????????

One thought on “Six Dinner Sid.

  1. Sid doesn’t look any the worse for wear thankfully! Hope non of the other kitties decide they want to follow his lead, I think they enjoy your fireside too much 🙂

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