Pink Quilts

Recently, I’ve been having a little bit of fun quilting using up lots of scrap 5 “squares, here are two quilts that I’ve just finished.

Bubble Cuddle Quilt

I call this one my “bubble cuddle quilt”.  I wanted an extra soft and warm quilt, something to cuddle up in when we have a very cold house.  I finished it just in time, because we forgot to order the oil for the central heating and the boiler went out.  So, we had a very cold weekend, but it was nice sitting around the log burner with a glass of wine and the kitties snuggled up in front of the fire!

SAM_3640 SAM_3644

I used an extra soft fleece for the back.  It’s not too bulky, but so soft, and I used Hobbs heritage blend for the batting, with pink “loop the loop” quilting to create the bubble effect. I am still without my longarm quilting machine, so it was done on my domestic sewing machine and I like the effect that I achieved.

SAM_3641 SAM_3653

Pink quilt number two.

I don’t have a name for this quilt yet, as I just made it to have a practice quilting session, but maybe “Hobbs” is a good name for it.  Again, it uses some of my scrap squares, only this time I used 4″ pieces.

IMG_3901 SAM_3483

I quilted it using Hobbs heritage blend batting as before (Peter brought me back a huge full roll of this from his last trip to Dubai – I have no idea how he got it back on the plane!) and a blue cotton lawn backing. I used a pale pink thread and quilted it using the walking foot first, then filled in some of the rows with free-motion quilting. Hobbs helped with the photos – very appropriate, don’t you think?

SAM_3476 SAM_3491

After I finished it, I felt that it still lacked that extra “something”, so I got some embroidery thread and hand quilted and chain stitched it some more, in front of the log burner when the heating was off.  These hand finishing touches look amazing and I’ll be doing this again on other quilts.

SAM_3647 SAM_3650 SAM_3651 SAM_3652

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