Spring is getting closer, March.

Spring is beginning to show its self around here at last: after a long and pretty cold winter, the days are getting longer and a little warmer. After the wonderful show of snowdrops and aconites, we now have a few lovely daffodils of the old fashioned kind with double petals and crocus.  Under one of the apple trees, we have a green mass; I am not sure what they are as they show no sign of flowering, but I like the look of all the fresh green around the tree and table. Peter made me a couple of super garden benches for around the table he made last year which has been out all winter and shows no sign of any damage after all the snow and frost.

SAM_3658 SAM_3660 SAM_3667 SAM_3669 SAM_3673 SAM_3678 SAM_3663SAM_3680

Peter has been working on the mini tractor as it has been running very slowly and  sometimes not at all, he has stripped it down and cleaned all the inner workings and now only needs a couple of parts, not to mention a wheel nut as the front wheel fell off the other day!


I have been digging and digging, first borders for some summer flowers. I feel like I have been digging for ever, I can’t manage more that about  meter width a day as I am just not that strong, but am very pleased with the borders. I’ve even planted a few plants in them.

SAM_3420 SAM_3674 SAM_3659 SAM_3677

Now I’ve started on the vegetable beds, these are situated near the washing line at the other side of the house.  The ground here is pretty solid and its very slow work getting them dug; as you can see I have managed only one so far.

IMAG0620 IMAG0618

In the smaller bed by the greenhouse I have planted two rows of Jerusalem artichokes and 4 rows of parsnips, neither of which I have grown before but I love them so have to try.


You may have noticed in the photos that we have laid a border of medium sized stones all around the house, these are to try to stop rats from burrowing under the house and setting up home there! We got a lorry load of stones delivered and Peter spent a week-end laying them all around.


I have started sewing seeds into trays, herbs and flowers, I am not having much luck even with heated cable under them, I feel its still too cold and maybe not enough light.

SAM_3695 SAM_3696

One of the small outbuildings where I keep my gardening tools and was hoping to keep a few chickens has not survived the winter well, I think the weight of the snow weakened an already weak roof and half of it has collapsed, Peter has been working on it, good for him, I just cant face it.

SAM_3681 SAM_3682 SAM_3683 SAM_3688

Peter has been away on business for most of March so have had to just get on with it on my own and the kitties miss him lots too but I don’t think he has any more trips for a little while and Easter holidays is just around the corner, both boys, Alan and William will be here so lots to look forward to.

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