Easter, a family time.

Both William and Alan came home for the Easter holidays, William has been doing a lot of extra work experience at college which involves a lot of driving to get there on top of the work and his college studies so really felt he needed a break. Alan is doing a full time course  in college in Berlin to learn German and he needed some fresh air. The first thing they did as soon as they got here was to dig a firepit!


They found an old concrete tub which had drainage holes in the bottom and lined the pit with that, it took a lot of muscle to roll it along to their site, but they managed in the end.

SAM_3728 SAM_3763

Toots was fascinated by all this digging and stayed around to watch and check it out.

SAM_3764 SAM_3770

They did a great job, all we need to do now is get some nice stonework around it and some seats and we’re good to go.


My sister Susan and her daughter Amber came for a visit so we had a house full, they had to sleep on camp beds in the studio, Susan said it was OK as long as she did not move about too much on the wee bed. Alan did most of the cooking for everyone so I did all the washing up, seemed like a good deal as Alan is a fantastic cook.


Whats with the chipmunk faces?


Again, Alan!

Susan got straight to work in the garden, she bought me a gift of four bags of seed potatoes which we got planted while Peter put up gutters along the back of the big barn. Amber helped the boys get an old bench saw out of the wood shed as Peter wanted to see if he could get it going as it would be very useful and make cutting logs very easy.

SAM_3788 SAM_3797

Susan and I went on a couple of super bike rides to see some prehistorical burial mounds, (barrows).

SAM_3816 SAM_3817 SAM_3819 SAM_3826

We also went to see the local church and a small lake that is usually a good place to see birds.

SAM_3829 SAM_3837

SAM_3810 SAM_3806

We also went to the coast, it was very windy and freezing but lovely and sunny.

SAM_3840 SAM_3847

Susan and Amber also brought me a huge pile of fantastic fabric in all my favourite colours and prints, I have some ideas already for a couple of quilts I plan to make using it. I helped Amber make her first quilt, she did all the work herself all I did was guide her,we took photos as we went but using her phone so I don’t have a photo to show you, she even did the quilting!


All too soon it was time for everyone to go back home and to college, they took with them the sunny weather, its been raining the past couple of days, we needed it so am not complaining. Susan gave me her left over Kroner when she went so I went to the garden centre and bought two dozen strawberry plants!

SAM_3851 SAM_3853

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