Toots and the quilt

Another Bubble Cuddle Quilt is finished and is ready to ship to its new owner. I like to keep a photographic record of quilts I make – this one is off to England this week and I hope that the owner likes it!.

SAM_4016 SAM_4020

The quilt is made up of 5″ squares, in lots of different purples, with a big white star added to give it impact. I quilted it in a large “loopy loop” design to make it bubble.  The batting is Hobbs Heritage blend and the backing is an ultra soft fleece, making the quilt so very soft and cuddly, it drapes and hugs.

SAM_4023 SAM_4032

While taking the photos, I noticed the tip of a tail sticking out, and when I looked there was Toots making herself quite at home.

SAM_4028 SAM_4029

I did not have the heart to move the quilt and Toots snuggled down and slept there for a couple of hours.  Finally, though, I had to take the quilt indoors before the rain came in!

I took the photos on our new chair in the vegetable garden.  I said to Peter how nice it would be to have a chair with a very straight back, looking over our new fruit and vegetable area.  He made a super bench from scrap timber, and after a spell of digging it’s very comfortable to sit out in the sun, with enough room for a cup of tea, a good book and a kittie or two.

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