With the wet weather comes the weeds and an army of slugs

I’ve been looking forward to some wet weather for ages.  Now, it has arrived and I’m really enjoying looking out at it from the studio as I quilt. In between the showers, the sun shines and everything looks green and clean.  We even had a super thunderstorm this week, lots of thunder and lightning, and heavy, heavy, rain.  At least all our watering tanks are full for when the dry weather comes back.

Yesterday, we had a great rainbow over our house – it ended in our wood, so, I’m off to see if I can find the “Pot of Gold” that is said to be at the end of every rainbow!  No such luck, I guess!!!!

SAM_3956Rainbow over houseSAM_4011

Rainbow 1

The blossom on one of the apple trees is beautiful, the other tree hasn’t flowered yet, but is just about to come out.

SAM_4010 SAM_3941

Peter brought back a bag of bulbs from Holland last autumn and we got some lovely tulips, daffodils and hyacinths, super colours for the spring.

SAM_3980 SAM_3978 SAM_3985 SAM_3927

The seedlings are doing fine in the greenhouse, cold frame and potting shed, no thanks to an army of slugs and snails who have emerged along with the rain, planning to eat them all, I think.

SAM_3949 SAM_3952

Fluff and Toots enjoying a break from the rain.

SAM_3970 SAM_3974

I planted up a new herb bed outside my studio and the mint from last year is shooting up all over the place.

SAM_3990 SAM_3991 SAM_3979SAM_3984

The rhubarb is through and the newly planted rhododendrons have started to bloom.

SAM_4005 SAM_3993

Horus and Isis enjoying a moment in the sun.


I bought a bag of plums on offer, they were as hard as turnips! I made them into jam – it looks like rubies in a bottle and tastes good too. I used the sugar with pectin in it and was able to reduce the amount of sugar in it, so it’s guilt free eating too!

SAM_3938 SAM_3937

Finally, weeds everywhere, mostly dandelions but they do look beautiful!  I can’t wait until our ride on mower gets back from the service and I can tidy all the grass up.


Fields of them!

SAM_3977 SAM_4003

Hope you are having a super spring too, see you next time.

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