Picture post of the garden in July

The flowers are blooming in the new border, a lot of the other plants will not flower until next year but I am pleased with the amount of colour and scent there is already.

jULY 15 027 jULY 15 012 jULY 15 014 jULY 15 019 jULY 15 020 jULY 15 021 jULY 15 026jULY 15 038jULY 15 033jULY 15 032

jULY 15 039 jULY 15 030

jULY 15 050 jULY 15 042 jULY 15 043 jULY 15 045 jULY 15 046 jULY 15 048 jULY 15 049jULY 15 061 jULY 15 051 jULY 15 052 jULY 15 053 jULY 15 056 jULY 15 058 jULY 15 059

jULY 15 063 jULY 15 068

The kitchen garden is doing fine, I have just planted out some brussels sprouts and purple sprouting broccoli for the winter, the grass always seems to need cutting and the black ants are back in the compost heap. There are lots of redcurrants and raspberries just about ready. The mint is still going strong, I love mint tea so there can never be too much of it.

jULY 15 069jULY 15 070

I think I over did the calendula seeds in the herb bed outside my studio, I wanted lots as I plan to make soap with it and the chamomile. I planted up another border in front of one of the out buildings, I will be able to see it from the kitchen window.

jULY 15 082 jULY 15 072

Finally, the lavender I planted last year in front of the house is looking lovely. I am going to dry it and make soap with it too.

jULY 15 077 jULY 15 074

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