Greenhouse, apples and weeds.

I left a stray onion to grow and flower in the greenhouse, its about a metre tall and has a lovely fist size flower, too pretty to pull out as a weed, it attracts hoverflies so it good. I am growing black tomatoes, I am interested to see what colour they really  turn out to be and how they taste. A stray sunflower grew and I left it too, its lovely. Also growing in the greenhouse are cucumbers, courgettes, passionflowers, pumpkin’s and lots of tomatoes of different colour, shape and size.

17 JULY 002 17 JULY 012 17 JULY 009

The apple trees have lots of fruit on them again this year, last year I made so much jam, jelly and chutney using the apples as a base that we are still eating it! This year, a friend Jacob is going to lend us a cider press and I am going to have a go at making cider, that will be fun, LOL!

17 JULY 01617 JULY 015

Sometimes the weeds are as lovely as the garden flowers.

17 JULY 02017 JULY 097 17 JULY 109 17 JULY 100 17 JULY 101

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