Finish it up Friday

Today I have spent the day hand sewing the binding on three quilts. This first quilt is a demo quilt for Maria’s shop in Grenaa. I made it like a whole – clothe sampler so that my clients can get an idea of my work. It was great fun to make, there is free-motion and pantograph quilting and I would recommend it is a great way to just have some fun quilting and getting in some practice too.

17 JULY 022 17 JULY 029 17 JULY 024 17 JULY 027 17 JULY 036 17 JULY 025

17 JULY 028

I finished the queen size quilt, 144 x 8″  blocks, using Susan’s fabric, I love all the floral fabrics they remind me of eiderdown quilts we had when I was a child so I quilted it with a feather pantograph. I think that this quilt is going to look very vintage after a few washes so guess where it is going next. Isis came with me to take the photos and is sitting on a giant granite rock Peter and the farmer next door dug up last week with a big yellow digger.

17 JULY 063 17 JULY 041 17 JULY 046 17 JULY 050 17 JULY 040 17 JULY 061 17 JULY 048 17 JULY 059

Finally, a quilt top I made last year when I first came here and had only got a basic sewing machine to work with. Its a mix of hand and machine piecing and applique. I have simply quilted it on the longarm and am going to add some more embroidery and hand quilting to it in the winter when its too cold to be out side or in the studio! I love to mix it up a little, I know its against the rules.

17 JULY 067 17 JULY 069 17 JULY 066 17 JULY 065 17 JULY 093 17 JULY 084 17 JULY 081 17 JULY 078 17 JULY 068 17 JULY 075 17 JULY 083 17 JULY 074

2 thoughts on “Finish it up Friday

  1. I see Daisy has been busy. The rules of quilting….there are no rules….it is whatever you can live with or whatever you want! (Well, except maybe a quarter inch seam is essential.)

    • I like that rule, but you are correct, that quarter inch seam is essential! I know one quilter who makes modern quilts and never uses it, her quilts are amazing but are a nightmare to quilt and need a lot of pulling and tugging to get a flat finish on the frame.

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