Poppet, Peter,mushrooms,parsnips and Toots.

08.10.15 117 08.10.15 067 08.10.15 102 08.10.15 055 08.10.15 076

Poppet is growing fast, but is still a kitten at heart. I was planting some bulbs and she thought the hole was for her she dived in and played for an hour or more digging for worms.

08.10.15 086 08.10.15 090

She is growing into a beautiful cat, she is very independent but still love to cuddle and purr on Peter’s knee.

 08.10.15 132 08.10.15 130

Peter went back up on to the barn roof to put covers on the vents as they were letting in a lot of rain, he did a great job, nothing on earth would get me up there!

08.10.15 176 08.10.15 174

Some ink-cap mushrooms I spotted in the grass below where Peter was sorting out the roof, they look like bells and swayed in the breeze like a bell would. No puffball mushrooms this year.

08.10.15 002

I had to dig up the parsnip bed early as Peter is moving the greenhouse to the kitchen garden, this parsnip was 37cm long!

08.10.15 144 08.10.15 134 08.10.15 149 08.10.15 140 08.10.15 128 08.10.15 151 08.10.15 138

Toots although no longer the baby of our cat family is still the baby in my eyes.

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