It was only a matter of time!

It was only a matter of time before I started using patchwork in my furnishings, I was given a wee bundle of Liberty lawn cottons in blues and teal and knew immediately I wanted to use them in my bathroom.

10.10.15 006

I made as many nine patches as I could with the Liberty fabric, then sashed them with white muslin, the curtain was still too short so I added a blue strip of fabric from my stash to the bottom and the top.

10.10.15 001

Peter fitted me up a lovely rail using some vintage brass fitting I have been collecting and a wooden pole he bought in the hardware store. I used clips fitting to attach it to the rail, I did not want to add any tape to the curtain I felt it would be too bulky if I did.

10.10.15 004 10.10.15 003

 I lined the curtain with more of the white muslin.

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