New lights, garden and first sprouts!

My studio got some much needed new lights and a heater!

As I had to clean up after the lights were installed I had a good tidy up and rearranged things a little, I set up a new cutting table with locking wheels so that when I am doing paper piecing I can roll it over and sit it beside the sewing machine, I can also use the table when I am quilting with my domestic sewing machine.

While the weather is still amazingly warm for the time of year the flower garden has been tucked in for the winter, there are a lot of bud and shoots showing and I hope that they will survive the winter when it comes as I am sure it will.

Kitty greens have germinated and as you can see from the water barrel its been raining a lot.

The last of the tomatoes and sprouts for supper tonight, as you can guess I have never grown sprouts before so its a big thing for me!

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2 thoughts on “New lights, garden and first sprouts!

  1. Thank you Janice, I am loving having a good heater and as for lights I don’t know how I managed before. I have been hooked on appliqué since you showed Ethel and I how it was done one summer!

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