First snow, walks and wool.

We had our first snow, I woke up on my birthday to find it blowing a snow blizzard! It soon calmed down and we were left fantastic drifts, it snowed continually throughout the day, too cold to take many photos, and by the next day it was all gone.


Toots and Horus came for a nice walk in the woods after all the snow was gone as none of the kitties ventured out in the snow much and they needed to stretch their legs a bit, Toots took to climbing the trees!

The countryside is looking very colourful after the snow.

Now that it is colder I have had to put a mini quilt over Toot’s door.  She did not much like the look of it at first but has got the hang of having to push the quilt aside to get out and it keeps her private as the other kitties will not go near it!

Maria has given me a bundle of lovely organic yarn, a  wool/nettle mix. I am going to knit two bundles of different sized squares and then we are going to each make them up into something, sweater, blankets anything and see what we come up with. I will add more photos as progress goes on.

4 thoughts on “First snow, walks and wool.

  1. So glad the snow went away and you have all,the wonders of nature to look at in your walks. Our snow came and the only thing under it is ice until next spring, I fear! Love the kitty door!

    • I love my walks here there is so much to see, I am not that great at taking photos that really shows how lovely it is, I will keep practicing and get it right in the end, once when I lived in the Highlands of Scotland it froze from November until April, I moved to London that year!!!

    • Toots loves the door, but its odd that the others wont go near it, I don’t mind as I really prefer they did not come into the studio, Toots is OK as she does not make a mess at all but the others walk over everything! I love it here but am struggling with speaking Danish.

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