STORM NOV 15 005

Last night we had a bit of a storm, the very strong winds and heavy rain lashed the house all night. We had to go out and rescue our barn doors as the strength of the wind blew them off their hinges. We had a power cut which did not last long but it was pretty frightening. I read somewhere recently that the full moon this month was called a storm moon.

My poor greenhouse lost 6 panes of glass and a lovely silver birch came down in our wood, along with some smaller trees in the hedge. The upside is that we will have some more firewood for our log burner this winter.

A long line of fir trees came down at the top end of our wood.  Fortunately, they are not our trees and didn’t come down on our property!

Another tree came down next to the Arctic Fox pen of the Scandinavian Wildlife Park next door.  Luckily it did not bring the fence down and the lovely foxes are fine, but they were a bit spooked by the storm.  I always go and say hello to them (and to the wild boars, the deer, the hawks and the Polar Bears) when I am out for a walk – they are all so cute and well looked after!

It’s still stormy today, and a part of my studio eves was blown off, but it was an easy fix and while the house sounded like it was being blown to bits last night, there was no damage to it.  A shed from our neighbour in the village blew away (tin sheets in the fields everywhere!!) and the farm on top of the hill lost a bit of the roof on one of his pig houses.  Everyone was out and about doing repairs, now we are back to normal and we seem to have got off lightly.

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