Kitchen makeover

I really needed to brighten up the kitchen, we are renovating this cottage next year, we have the plans but I have to finish the studio first so while I wait for my revamped cottage I decided give the kitchen a lick of paint. I painted everything white then decided that the windows and beams should be teal blue.



Dining area, I made a fun pillow to go with the flag one Peter gave me and moved the dresser to the other side of the room. A summer neighbor, Helen brought me the flowers from  her garden.

Still the same old cooker but it works, sometimes! The same old floor, its easy to clean.

Same old sink but looks much brighter and feels much calmer.I am happy with it. On to the sitting/dining-room next!!!!!!!

4 thoughts on “Kitchen makeover

    • Thanks Susan, I just painted everything white and added a bit of colour, I am going to do it to the rest of the house, I will then have 2 spare rooms with bunks in them for the boys and anyone who wants to come over, I am saving up for a floating tent to tie to the trees just sounds like a lot of fun.

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