On the subject of kitchens

I felt I had not been in touch lately with my brother Bean (Iain) who lives in Portsmouth USA, its not that I don’t think about him and his lovely family I do, often, I have their children’s artwork dotted about the house and great photos of them. They built a beautiful new home and his kitchen is modern and minimalist quite the opposite of mine, his kitchen is the kitchens of dreams so I took inspiration from his kitchen to make him modern quilt.


OK, I know, but the wind appears out of nowhere when I try to take a nice flat photo of any quilt!


Its a double sided quilt, this side being a little more traditional.

I used a mixture of different fabrics, cotton satin is a favorite of mine and used it reversed for part of the quilt to lower the sheen. I quilted it with a simple all over modern design.



The fish print is the only non solid fabric in it.

I will send this to Bean later this year for his birthday, yes the one I always forget!

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