Tree clearing 101!

I really wanted to clear away this tree that came down in the very strong wind recently, I don’t have a chainsaw, I’m terrified of them, way to noisy and powerful for me to handle.
So I gathered up some tools, a couple of saws, an axe and a machete!
I spent the morning cutting the branches off.
Big pile to burn later when the weather is wet.
Burning pile.
This one I’ll leave in the woodland for the wild animals to use. I usually gather up all the fallen branches and make piles around the woodland every year, there are, hedgehogs, hares, badgers, pheasants and I am sure lots of other little animals who use them.
It didn’t take long to cut the branches off, it took a lot longer to cut the tree trunk into three pieces so I could move it off the track. Phew, it was tough!
But the jobs done, happy days, I need a cup of tea!
A lovely clear track just waiting to be cut ready for spring!
Woodland track.
It was a tough job, but I an so glad I did it!

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