A walk in the woods

First day out today to stock up on supplies, schools are still closed, there is plenty of food in the stores but it take a while with the queuing system , otherwise it was busy, usual traffic on the main road but no traffic at all on the side road, the trams and busses all running again. Now I’m all stocked up for another month
On the way home I took a wee detour to a little woodland I know that at this time of year is usually awash with beautiful wood anemones and I was not disappointed, I walked in through the a blanket of white with only the birds for company, it was delicious, beautiful, breathtaking splendid solitude, perfect I’m so glad I went.
I simply love the wonderful old trees.
When I was a child I would look forward to the wood anemones at Easter, they were always so perfect, there was one spot in particular where they always seemed so much bigger, I would always pick a bunch for my room, from then on it endless, blue bells, primroses, daffodils, daisies, buttercups, cornflowers, foxgloves, wild orchids, lupins, I could go on, my childhood favourite was meadowsweet, the scent was heavenly, I still cannot go past a meadowsweet plant without burrowing my face into the delightful fluffy flowers and drinking in the wonderful aroma.

4 thoughts on “A walk in the woods

    • I remember, there was only the sound of the birds so I had a good walk around and the flowers stretch on and into the next wee wood, I love the old trees, I would like to clear a big patch in my woods and plant it up like that.

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